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Coal Fields Preparatory

16 Line Road and 4th Avenue

Waterval East

Rustenburg, South Africa

Tel: +27 81 318 6412

+27 81 455 5631


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"Education is the only lasting legacy. Through education we can break economic barriers and influence the whole world....."

                                                                                 Principal's desk

Its use of the English Language as the Medium of Instruction and Communication is to prepare its learners to be cultured individuals with the skills to compete in a global workplace market. The Christian organisation’s true value system is based upon the bedrock of the Christian religion and morality.

Career guidance is available and students will have exposure to experts in different potential fields. Applications to Universities will be available at School and Consultants with Forums to assist learners to choose the correct Career path for their particular set of skills, personality and temperament.
Physical Education
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