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Coal Fields Preparatory School is an English Medium Christian school. Coal Fields Preparatory School aims to provide a diverse educational experience for children to believe in themselves and discover their true potential. The vision of Coal Fields Preparatory School is to nurture the balanced development of mind, body and spirit, leading to the fulfilment of each individual’s potential within the broader community in all its diversity. Its use of the English Language as the Medium of Instruction and Communication is to prepare its learners to be cultured individuals with the skills to compete in a global workplace market. The Christian organisation’s true value system is based upon the bedrock of the Christian religion and morality.

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Jul 09, 2019, 7:00 PM
Pet Care Accesories
A spectacular event for all pet lovers, fabulous arena events offering visitors a great day out and the opportunity to learn about responsible pet ownership.
Science Club challenges you to go out, do science, and share it with others. Sometimes you’ll make or build something. Other times you’ll investigate a question that experts might not even know how to answer. Using e-mail or social media, share your discoveries with other participants.
Feb 23, 2018, 7:00 PM




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Coal Fields Induction Camp!!

Fri 1 Dec - Sun 3 Dec 2017

May parents of new students

kindly report to the

admissions office at their

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collect Identity Forms. 

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